A rat is mostly described as a medium-sized rodent. It has got thin tails. There are a lot of species which are called rats, including cotton rats, black rats, kangaroo rats, Norway rats, pouched rats, wood rats, naked mole rats, Polynesian rats, pack rats, and so many others. Meanwhile, the mouse is mostly described as a rodent that is in tiny, sparrow-sized. It has got long, thin tails. Like rats, mice also have many species called mice. They include spiny mice, field mice, smoky mice, deer mice, and house mice. Usually, black rats, Norway rats, and house mice are the pest or domestic rats and mice that live in people’s houses. Understanding rodent control is important when trying to keep your home free of rats and mice. Rat and mice traps can be one of the most effective methods of elimination, but there are a few key things to note before you consider placing traps or rat and mouse bait in your home. Rat or mouse traps are helpful in situations where a rat or mouse infestation has not already occurred. When attempting to capture one or two rats, a rat trap can ensure that the rodent has been completely removed from the home. There is a variety of devices to choose from when trapping rats or mice. The two main groups of rat and mouse traps are live traps and kill traps. Before you find out the Best Rat Trap, you must know that rats and mice are slightly different. By knowing what kind of rodent lives in your house or property, it will make you decide the right trap easier.


Any trapping device that captures rodents without killing them is considered a live trap. However, any trapped animal can die in a trap if it is not released in a timely manner. Live trap usually does not harm mice but occasionally a mouse will be killed if it is caught in the trap mechanism. This is usually due to someone winding the trap too tight.


Electronic rodent traps, snap traps and glue traps are all considered devices used to kill rats or kill mice, rather than live-trapping the animals. Knowing where to find the carcass and the lack of rat poisons available to non-target animals are the biggest advantages to using rodent traps of this type.


Even though mice are smaller than rats, they are swifter in the nature that needs special traps. The traps should be able to close down smoothly, so it can prevent the rodent from escaping. Meanwhile, for the rats, you need a different scenario. Rats are bigger and stronger than mice, which need stronger traps. So, when the rats try to escape, the traps will remain closed.


So, if you are asking which one is the most effective trap between a rat trap or mousetrap, it depends on the type of rodents that live in your house. Different types of rodents will affect the kind of trap. Cheese is also not recommended when it comes to bait. Remember always to change the bait if it is not fresh anymore. Good luck!

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